Love, Lei

I'm an old soul (circa 1988) & IDGAF; that's how I roll. I am an introvert with a big heart and a tendency to be either sarcastic or silly. I can be a book of contradictions, but my intentions are good, I swear. I am in love with the idea of love & heart-to-hearts will honestly be the death of me some day. Tell me your story, I'll lend you my ear. I am addicted to laughter & good times. Unwind with me. For the greatest stories in life are those that come from experience, and in my experience I'd like to share my story. Herein lie my rants, realizations, and randomness about life & everything that it entails.My name is Leslie-Anne, but you can call me Lei. Heeey. :) Talk to me about anything & everything. I'm here to listen.

I slipped on a thermal for the first time this season. Now that the weather finally coincides with the season, it’s time to pull out the right clothing from my wardrobe. I am currently covered from head to toe, and I feel very warm and comfy. Trouble is, once I put on that thermal, all the energy inside me has warmed me into a comfortable sleepy position. -____- Not good, considering I have a billion things to take care of. I think, if I can keep my eyes open long enough, I will attempt to do half of my research paper, take a quick break, then read up for my other research paper, then take a break to write one of my pen pals and consider the possibility of having more pen pals, then take a nap… or something. I should eat some time inbetween all that, too.

Let’s hope I can conjure up enough energy to stay alert for the day.

P.S. Happy birthday to my e-pen pal, JeongJoo! ^_^ It is already the 6th in Korea, so she should be celebrating today. Sending lots of love & blessings your way. <3

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