Love, Lei

I'm an old soul (circa 1988) & IDGAF; that's how I roll. I am an introvert with a big heart and a tendency to be either sarcastic or silly. I can be a book of contradictions, but my intentions are good, I swear. I am in love with the idea of love & heart-to-hearts will honestly be the death of me some day. Tell me your story, I'll lend you my ear. I am addicted to laughter & good times. Unwind with me. For the greatest stories in life are those that come from experience, and in my experience I'd like to share my story. Herein lie my rants, realizations, and randomness about life & everything that it entails.My name is Leslie-Anne, but you can call me Lei. Heeey. :) Talk to me about anything & everything. I'm here to listen.

Anytime I hear or see anything related to weddings and marriage, I think back to that afternoon when we were standing outside the gym for our graduation rehearsal. We weren’t exactly comfortable, given our history, but we exchanged awkward smiles and nervous laughs as we attempted to get through the day and make small talk to pass the time.

Yet we had very little to say to one another… 

The silence threatened to drag on, and I remember you looking ahead at the stretch of dirt path and football field as you began to hum quietly yet loud enough to fill the dead space between us. My ears perked up at the familiar tune, but it was not what I was expecting. I giggled under my breath, but of course with you standing so close to me, you heard me and turned with an amused look on your face. You laughed nervously and smiled before saying, "What? Isn’t this the graduation song?" I laughed and shook my head, embarrassed to correct you. "No, it’s not Pomp and Circumstance. That was the Wedding March.” Your face reddened slightly at your error, yet your mouth curled into a smile and you laughed. I felt my cheeks flush from the awkward moment and I laughed along with you…

Ever since that day, I have connected you with the Wedding March, and it’s funny to me now just because I never thought I would make that connection with you. Yet I’m glad that I can look back on things in fondness rather than awkwardness when it comes to you. I can’t say that for many people, so thanks for that. :)

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